[nSLUG] AMD vs Pentium

Chris Thompson c.thompson at donerightit.com
Wed Nov 10 23:11:21 AST 2010

Hoping to purchase a new system here in the short future. Looking to get
a hefty few components as I have a case/power supply hanging about.
here's what I'm hoping for.

SSD (OS and Apps only)
8 to 12 GB of ram
Nvidia Graphics card - thinking something around a GB of ram.
I already have an XFX 780i that has done me wonders, but I'm open to
suggestions fo r the new machine.

The question is. Does anyone have any experience with AMD's latest vs
the i7's?

Thanks and I hope all is well.
on a P.S. I have started developing websites(CMS) so if you have anyone
interested please feel free to send them my way

Chris Thompson

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