[nSLUG] Re: Old Electronics

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Sun Jun 6 20:44:58 ADT 2010

> Are there any good local (in NS) sources for finding cheap/free
> electronics, old computers/radios/TVs?  I.E an electronics dump or
> salvage yard....

All the ones I knew of have disappeared or morphed into something
else, e.g. Junky Jim's in 5 Islands Lake and the surplus place below
Burnside. (The latter had a whole mainframe installation at one point,
but now no electronic junk.)

But under the present regulations, all junk electronics are to be
taken to designated recyclers.  I don't know about those in the metro
area but the rural ones seem to be fairly relaxed, low-key places and
so if you're regularly in, say, Lunenburg (or wherever), you might
drop in each time at the local place to see what they have.

Most will be recent solid-state/IC stuff, of course, but just last year I
took a whole Cavalier-load of tape drives, TVs, printers etc. to
be recycled, some of it 30 or more years old.  Others must also have
similarly long clean-up intervals.

I still have a circuit board from DEC-Writer II and I might possibly
turn up a bit of other old stuff.  You'd have to come by and look at
it.  Way out of town but price is right. :-)

- Mike

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