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Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Sat Dec 11 02:55:49 AST 2010

David Murdoch <davidjmurdoch at gmail.com> wrote:

> Since June 2010 we've had Eastlink wireless internet delivered here
> in Youngs Cove Annaplolis County and internet speed tests show that
> speeds are around 1.5Mps most of the time but browsers and
> downloading packets move along much slower.
> I'm wondering if somebody could suggest a systematic way using a
> linux platform to determine if traffic is somehow being deliberately
> slowed by the ISP?

   End-to-End Detection of Traffic Shaping

Background info:


Presentation (4.3M PDF):


Related, details, tools:


The PDF is a power point-type slide series.  It would benefit a whole
bunch from some more discursive text.  But there are some useful clues
even after a quick once-over.

Since I'm in the boonies -- 3/4 mile from the nearest cable -- I may
eventually be a candidate for Eastlink wireless so I'm keen to
anticipate any potential problems.  A friend had it set up early last
spring and it worked fine until the trees leafed out, whereupon it
died.  Numerous admin, tech and crew visits eventuated, early in the
fall, in a crew with an excavator and a phone pole.  Phone pole 100'
from the house, antenna, RF converter (?) and 100' of cable later all
is well, at a cost that Eastlink may never recover.  On a recent drive
to New Ross, I spotted some other, identical poles.

Potential problems.... yeah.

While we're on the subject, I'm wondering if anybody else sees very
slow delivery of the Dilbert cartoon.  You may recall that Dilbert
went, so to speak, all PHB on us by tarting up the site to have
chrome, mashups, tee shirts and animated popcorn (okay, not
exactly...) but, after a public outcry, added /fast with just the
cartoon and very little else.

The /fast page, sans images, loads quickly but when I then ask for the
cartoon image to be fetched, it downloads, any time of day or night,
at about 200 to 250 bytes/sec.  This is consistent over months.  I'm
wondering if they're detecting my slow connection and serving me at a
fraction of my already slow speed on purpose.  No other site behaves
this way.

- Mike

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