[nSLUG] malware from the future -- which state sponsored cyber warfare unit has the time machine?

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--Iran's President Acknowledges Cyber Sabotage of Uranium Enrichment Equipment
(November 29, 2010)
Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has acknowledged that some
centrifuges used to enrich uranium in his country were sabotaged by
"enemies" with "software ... installed in electronic devices," but the
problem was limited.  While Ahmadinejad did not specify what software
he meant, it is likely that Stuxnet is responsible for the problems.  He
added that "experts have discovered the origins of the problems," and
have taken steps to ensure that there will not be a recurrence.
[Editor's Note (Skoudis): The additional information trickling out about
Stuxnet over the past few weeks is stunning.  It's like malware from 5
years in the future was beamed down for us to examine now.  And, because
malware is a trickle-down technology, the ideas of Stuxnet will likely
propagate to other malware soon.  One very worrying thought is how a
Stuxnet-like specimen would impact critical infrastructure in a
developed country.  Or, what if we seen one or two items like Stuxnet
per year?  Not to be an alarmist, but I just don't think we're ready for

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