[nSLUG] bare metal recovery

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 10:56:30 ADT 2009

I have done a complete system restore before of Solaris 7, on
identical sparc hardware, while running on the live system
being totally recovered.  The backup software was Legato/EMC
Networker.  On an attempt to do the same with Solaris 8 on x86,
the system spontaneously rebooted.  The hardware in this
second example might not be stable, so the reasons for this
reboot could be other than the recovery method.  It did email
a message that the tape device had a high number of errors
before it rebooted.

I've heard a suggested recovery technique is to install a bare minimal
install to the swap partition, boot that, install the backup/recover
software, and restore to the original partitions, run the boot loader
tool, fix fstab, etc.

That sounds fine, but all the same, I've never seen an install guide
for any platform which states your swap partition should be large
enough for a minimal installation or you require two identical
system disks for full system recovery to work.  So I question whether this is
the only way to go about being ready for bare metal recovery.

I've opened this with some Solaris experiences, but the same
issues could happen in Linux with a backup application running
on a live system.  Has anyone else managed to recover the
root partition from their backup software while running on the
same root?


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