[nSLUG] Recording audio from a Vonage Box

Neskie Manuel neskiem at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 17:50:31 ADT 2008

Hello Everyone,

Thank sfor all your help. I got the recording working.  The problem
was something very simple.  The second NIC card isn't the new auto
switching lan ports so I needed to use a crossover cable.

So now I'm able to capture SIP packets with Wireshark [1] and export
the audio to .au files and edit the audio in Audacity.  This setup
feels a bit clunky so I'm looking for something a bit more elegant and
special purpose.  Perhaps a script that can convert the tcpdump to an
audio file.

I usually have my laptop connected to the vonage box, but now all I
have to do to record is flip them around.

Have a hot sunny day in Nova Scotia

[1] - http://wiki.wireshark.org/RTP_statistics

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