[nSLUG] Recording audio from a Vonage Box

Gerald linux at zdoit.airpost.net
Tue Jun 24 07:19:40 ADT 2008

Neskie Manuel wrote:
. . . .
> I use Iptables and dnsmasq to share the internet.  The internet
> sharing works for another laptop , but doesn't seem to work for the
> vonage box.   I suspect some ports are blocked or packets are not
> being forwarded to the vonage box or it could be that this setup is
> not possible.
. . . .


I have Vonage running through a CentOS/Clark Connect fire wall. The only 
thing I did was assign the Vonage box a static IP via the DHCP server. 
Nothing special in iptables and it works. I haven't tried recording 
anything yet.


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