[nSLUG] another Linux Tutorial

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Sorry for the typo, my eyesite must be failing, or maybe it's these aging 

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> That URL should be .php, not .pnp.
> "I once heard an author remark that when you are a child
> you use a computer by looking at the pictures. When you
> grow up, you learn to read and write. Welcome to Computer
> Literacy 101. Now let's get to work."
> I'm noticing many scientists who have been using Windows
> since they first started using computers who are now
> looking to live Linux distros because the corporate standards
> in their workplace lock things down to the point that they can't
> work efficiently (virus scans of large data files that take all day
> to complete, new software must undergo lengthy vetting before
> they can install it, etc.).
> On Sun, Jun 1, 2008 at 7:48 AM, David Buck <davebuck at eastlink.ca> wrote:
>> An excellent Linux tutorial for newbies can be found at:
>> www.linuxcommand.org/index.pnp
>> At last, a current and constantly updated tutorial that explains Linux 
>> from
>> the ground up along with a profusion of other interesting aspects of the 
>> os.
> There are many tips that long-time linux users may find helpful.
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