[nSLUG] Best PCMCIA Wireless card for Linux which supports Packet Injection and maybe antenna

derek mahoney derekmahoe at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 21 02:12:15 ADT 2008

Hello all,

This is my first time writing on this news group, however i have been a member for quite some time. Anyways I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what the best PCMCIA card would be to be used with a distro like backtrack.

Today I started to play around with Backtrack and scanned some networks. I tried my hand at WEP cracking and became frustrated because I couldn't get Packet injection to work. After a while and being unable to sleep I began to research it, and it turns out that the card I am using (Orinoco Silver) does not support it.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a good, somewhat cheap, quality PCMCIA card that works out of the box with a distro like Backtrack and supports packet injection. If its a atheros based chipset that would also be good. Also the ability to connect an external antenna would be a plus, as i have one made from a Tim Hortons coffee can.

I know that some of the netgears are pretty good. 

Anyways im just looking for an experienced opinion. 


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