[nSLUG] Re: Force sendmail to "send now"?

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Sun Oct 22 03:47:37 ADT 2006

me> Is there a way/command to force sendmail to attemp to to send the
me> mail in the queue immediately?

John> Any chance there are equivalents of these exim commands?
John> # look at the queue
John> # exim -bp

That one's the same.

John> # # force the queue
John> # exim -qf

Hm... It looks like just sendmail -q should do it.  Requires a close
reading of the book.  I'm not perfectly clear on how it works when
yourun sendmail from the commandline while an instance is already
running as a daemon but it looks like that's supposed to do it.

Thanks for pushing me to a closer reading.  I'll contrive a test case
and see how it goes.

BTW, does everybody else already know about Lutz Dammbeck's movie, The
Net?  From the column in the G&M [1], I dunno if it's great or not but it
drops all the right names to attract geekdom: Heinz von Foerster, the
Macy Conferences, Stewart Brand, Theodor Adorno, Norbert Wiener, Kurt
Goedel & Ted Kaczynski inter alia.  Did anybody who's seen this think
it was sufficiently awsome that I should go out of my way to figure
out how to download it?

That list of dropped names isn't exactly *my* list.  I'd like to see
the movie that includes Warren McCulloch, W. Ross Ashby, Jerry Lettvin
and maybe Claude Shannon.  You know, the stuff that happened right
after the early part of _Cryptonomicon_. :-)

- Mike

[1] G&M,  Saturday 14 Oct 2006, p. F2

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