[nSLUG] Auto-replication of files to web server

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 21:26:52 ADT 2006


Like Jason says, it sounds like you are talking about rsync.
Really there isn't much difference between that and just
allowing samba access to a directory on the web
server, if the contributors are on your local LAN.

As far as sharepoint goes, I don't know of any part of it
that involves a directory you just populate.  Sharepoint
stories everything in the backend database.  It uses
active-X plugins from Office 2003 to provide excel
and MS Windows explorer type of interface within certain
sharepoint contexts.  That is useful for the Windows
Internet Explorer user, but no one else.  That Windows
explorer-like view should not be confused with
the existance of a directory it is displaying - it is
all dynamically generated from the DB backend.

Having said that, it has been awhile since I played with
sharepoint and there may now be a web part which
shows the content of an FTP site within one web part.
Perhaps that is a feature you find interesting.  But most
people using sharepoint are going to be interested
in the revision control and other collaborative
features which go beyond a simple FTP repository.


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