[nSLUG] Auto-replication of files to web server

Jeff Warnica jeff at coherentnetworksolutions.com
Thu Oct 19 21:58:07 ADT 2006

On Thu, 2006-10-19 at 20:55 -0300, Miles Thompson wrote:

> Nevertheless, if Microsoft is offering something like this in SharePoint, 
> the *nix world must have either
> a) figured it out a long time ago
> or
> b) concluded that this just is not done, and FTP from Samba box to 
> webserver box is the only safe way.
> (or c: - Yeah, the shell script to do this has been around for ages .... 
> Google for "the correct term"
> Thoughts or opinions?

Not that Im advocating SP for anything, but it does more then just make
things web accessible, access control for one - with AD backend. It also
makes files available via WebDAV, providing on Windows "web folders"[1].
If you've already spent money on w2k3 and have it reasonable configured
(i.e. more then just share level access), then SP may be the path of
least resistance to making files accessible "anywhere, anytime" with the
same type of control you have internally. If you have NTFS and populated
AD, then you have the hard part of a CMS done, so use it.


But if you are just talking about one way publishing, even with
user/passwd access to everything, and don't already have AD, or it doing
anything meaningful, then there are better ways.

Option C here is not FTP, but rsync (+ssh); rsync will send only the
changes of the given tree (possibly only changes to given files, as
well?). rsync is available for Windows through Cygwin.

[1] are they still calling it this?


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