[nSLUG] Nearly free goods.

Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Thu Nov 23 18:54:41 AST 2006

Hello All:
I am cleaning out my collection of computer STUFF !!!!

Usuallly I have free goods for all but today I have some items with only 
special utility.

8 Pieces ECC 72 PIN memory.  Maybe 16MB per stick   FREE

1 Only ST34572n 4.5 GB SCSI   Seagate Hard drive  Not Hot Swap
2 Only 2 gigabyte SCA (Hot Swap) Seagate hard drives
1 Only 4.5 Gb 4550S Quantum Viking SCA (Hot Swap) SCSI Hard drive
1 Only Adaptec AHA 2940AU PCI SCSI Adapter with 6 headed SCSI cable.

Drives and Adapter $30.00  or Best Offer

Free delivery in Metro 

Call Cell 499-5250 anytime up till 10:00pm

Jim H


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