[nSLUG] RE: [OT] What's WebGuard.Cab?

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Tue Jan 24 03:14:48 AST 2006

me> What's WebGuard.Cab?

dgmacd> When I googled it, I came up with this
dgmacd> http://www.au-kbc.org/research_areas/crypto/wg.html

Yeah, I found that, too.  But it just doesn't seem like the same thing
somehow.  I finally went and located a Linux-based unpacker for MS cab
files, unpacked the file that the referenced site causes a user to
download via an <OBJECT... tag and applied strings -a.  I'm still no
wiser.  Ho hum.

Thanks for the OT replies.

- Mike

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