[nSLUG] DNS & hosting policy....

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Thu Jan 12 13:38:39 AST 2006

On Thu, 2006-01-12 at 10:04 -0400, David Potter wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> It's not the registrar or ZoneEdit... it's the site that will host the 
> website (they specialize in Real Estate sites and have templates and 
> common content, etc...)
> If I screw up the DNS/MX then clearly it's not their problem... but they 
> may believe they are all powerful or, they may simply use admin tools 
> that rely on the domain name as the primary index data field in their 
> database.

If they are going to host the website, then they need to setup virtual
ip's for the web service.  Registrar should point to their DNS servers.

Most of these hosting sites only allow limited email accounts (5 is
common).  All you really need is one email account, to get around it,
you can setup filtering using procmail.  This works very well, you can
setup unlimited email addresses, then just forward then to existing
email accounts (like yours at home).

This is exactly how I used it for an IRCD service some years ago.

The reason for the extra charge is for maintenance of the mail accounts
- space, configuration, setting up aliases, etc. 

Are you running other machines on the domain name you are using for the
commercial server?   Some of these sites do allow you to add entries to
their DNS when they maintain it, or some will add the names upon email

The local system you speak of, does it have an assigned IP range or is
it through another ISP (like eastlink etc). You may need to get a
separate domain name for the commercial site.




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