[nSLUG] OT: New to the area - need help with food search

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Tue Jan 3 03:47:26 AST 2006

On Tue, 2006-01-03 at 02:04 -0400, Jason Kenney wrote:
> > I tried Brothers.  The sausage is very good, its what we call Summer
> > Sausage in the States.   I have my grandmother's recipe for Kielbasa and
> > some of the others, just hard locating the ingredients.  Lekvar is not
> > very common here, it should be! :) Its VERY good.  I found a Deli on
> > Wyse St, Kal's, its not bad.  Its close, the taste is there, but not the
> > texture.  I find it a little dry,but its very close.
> Maybe Pete's Frootique would have something if Chris Brothers' doesn't, 
> but I wouldn't bet on it.

I only went there once.  Will have to check it out again.

> > My mom used to send me poppyseed rolls via UPS. :P
> > I used to laugh when I would receive a few ringers and some rolls to
> > eat.  The packaged stuff is not the same as homemade.
> You might be able to find ingredients at some of the Lebanese or Asian 
> grocers around. The Bulk Barn also has a surprising amount of things (like 
> saffron, etc.).

Thanks. Will have to check them out.

> > We tried Zen, didn't like it too much.  Same for the, The Dragon...
> > buffet(?) near Dairy Queen in Bayers Lake.  We also tried the one in
> > Bedford.  We still return to the Great Wall.  I like most of their food
> > there.  I like Greek Rest across from McD's on Quinpool, I think its
> > Athens or Athena.  We also tried the one downtown, starts with an O..
> > Liked both of those.
> Opa is the one on Argyle. I didn't like Athens much (well, it was fine, 
> but not nearly as good as Opa but just as expensive), but I love the 
> little Greek diner down the road. The Spartan (Cafe?). I found the 
> whatever buffet in Bayer's Lake is horrible. Maybe Silver 
> Dragon? The ads for pigeon or whatever on the window didn't help either.

I like Opa.  They give you  bigger portions at Athens. I like grape
leaves and a bigger helping of tiziki. The stuffed peppers are good.
However, I found a better stuffed pepper at the Farmer's market.

Whatever type of Dragon... I wouldn't recommend that restaurant to my
worst enemies.  The food was so greasy, and then they seem to stop
making food at 7pm or so.  Whats out is it.  

> >>> I tasted goat for the first time at the Taj Mahal. It was really good. I
> >>> enjoy the Seafood.  Never had fish this fresh. There are some really
> >>> good steak houses too. Mexican is very good.  Found a few descent family
> >>> restaurants.
> There are some good Irish-style places around too. The Old Triangle 
> downtown, Jamieson's out in Cole Harbour. I've never been to any of the 
> seafood speciality places downtown come to think of it... I just do it 
> myself at home. :P

Old Triangle is my favorite. Porter on tap. :)  My wife loves it because
of the smoking room. 

> >> If you like the goat at Taj Mahal, you might try a couple of the
> >> Carribean places that have sprung up in the last couple of years (I
> >> believe there's one on Green St. in Halifax).  I've heard they do
> >> marvelous things with goat, though I've never eaten there.
> > Thanks very much for your suggestions. I will definitely try some of
> > these places.  A lot of places are trial and error, just hope we don't
> > get sick trying. :P
> >
> > We tried Fran's and like that very much. We went to the Taj Mahal a few
> > weeks ago, it was my second time eating Indian style.  The first was at
> > a buffet in NY.  I really enjoyed the food.  My wife wasn't too keen on
> > it.  She tried lamb and liked it, but was not fond of curry.  I would
> > like to try it again.  Maybe in the future on a business meeting. :)
> > Work associates talked me into the goat.  I was very happy they did.  I
> > really enjoyed it.  I thought it tasted better than beef.  Very tender
> > and had a nice taste.
> On Spring Garden Deco (mostly French?) and Onyx (French-Japanese fusion I 
> would call it) are both very good if you're already paying Taj Mahal-like 
> prices. One day I will get enough people together to get the entire 
> roasted goat at Taj Mahal.

hehe I know - I saw the price - whoa!  That must be very good though.
My friend told me they specialize in Lamb and Goat there.

> I've been told Bish is very good, but it's hard to find other people 
> willing to pay their prices to dine with. And hard to let myself pay that. 
> But I suppose there are even more expensive places around...

I don't mind treating my wife once in a while.  I went to Duffy's once,
great steak, but $45 for a 16oz NY Strip Black Angus steak is a little
out of my league.  We were celebrating a few birthdays, so it was a nice
party.  The steak was the best I ever had though. :)  Good place to take
the boss (if he's paying).

Mexicali Rosa's is pretty decent for Mexican.  However, the best Chimi
Changa is at the Mexican resturant on Titus street.  The food is also
very authentic.  

For seafood, I like the Boondocks over in CowBay.  We were lost one day
and were hungry, the locals told us they have really good seafood. Not
bad, whole lobster dinner (soup,lobster,dessert) for $29.  My wife often
gets the specials.

But we rather cook seafood ourselves. The only thing I miss is the maine
clams.  They have the soft shell clams here.  However, I have grown to
love mussels.  hehe they are like french fries here.  I tell my friends
in NY that we get a pound for .97 cents. hehe  They pay like $6 a pound.
Lobster there is $19/lb for brazilian lobster.  Even at the peak of the
season, $11/lb is really great.   We buy them from a fisherman by
Peggy's Cove, something like $7/lb.  

Thanks for all the tips.



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