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Mon Jan 2 20:12:17 AST 2006

On Mon, 02 Jan 2006 17:14:37 -0400
Rich <budman85 at eastlink.ca> wrote:

> Hi,
> Sorry for going off topic, I was checking the web trying to find
> anything in the area.  I usually find out about shops and restaurants by
> word of mouth.
> Do you know any place I can get Polish Sausage, like kielbasa, or other
> foods like lekvar cookies, walnut roll, or poppyseed rolls.  I moved to
> Halifax from a large Eastern European area in Pennsylvania.  I miss a
> lot these foods.  

Sadly, you won't find anything like good Polish Sausage in this town
unless you bring it here yourself.  Brothers' Meats sells something they
like to call kielbasa, but it certainly isn't.  I thought there was
someone doing some Polish meats at the Farmer's Market, but if you've
been there and didn't see it I may be mistaken.

Walnut and poppyseed rolls don't exist here either.  The only time I've
had a Walnut roll was in high school and was made by the Mother of a
friend.  I've had Poppyseed roll more often, but only because my Mom
makes it (though she generally has to "import" the poppyseed filling
from Ontario/Upstate NY).

> I found some good Greek restaurants, a few Chinese restaurants.  The
> pizza is okay, doesn't match up to the Old Forge / New York styles.
> Italian restaurants are a bit different here.  Philly steak subs are a
> little different. I learned to like Donairs. :) 

Greek is big here in the city.  At the same time my favorite
Greek-style food is at the Ivy Deck Bistro in Wolfville.  For Oriental,
Kinh-Do is a nice little Vietnamese place on Barrington.  Zen in
Clayton Park and China Classic on Quinpool do my favorite "North
American Chinese".  Chee-Lin in the Brewery Market is probably the best
when it comes to actual Chinese food (also, Fran's in Dartmouth is the
same people in a more casual environment).

I have never had a proper Cheesesteak outside of Pennsylvania, nor do I
believe such a beast exists.  New York-style pizza has never really
caught on here, nor has the deep-dish Chicago-style.  Salvatore's and
Tomasino's (both thin-crust style) are the two best in town; they're
also the most expensive.

> I tasted goat for the first time at the Taj Mahal. It was really good. I
> enjoy the Seafood.  Never had fish this fresh. There are some really
> good steak houses too. Mexican is very good.  Found a few descent family
> restaurants.

If you like the goat at Taj Mahal, you might try a couple of the
Carribean places that have sprung up in the last couple of years (I
believe there's one on Green St. in Halifax).  I've heard they do
marvelous things with goat, though I've never eaten there.



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