[nSLUG] Aliant PPPoE

Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Thu Apr 20 16:34:22 ADT 2006

Aliant and many telco PPPoE have bugs particulalry with fragmented 
packets.  There is a patch / hack to overcome this.  The Linux box can 
connect directly to the modem but the work around for the packet 
fragmentation fixes it and must be used.  If I had the link to the fix I 
would post it.  Don't have it now.

I always suggest that if Eastlink is available then it is the much 
preferred provider.  Technical support with Aliant is spotty, the email 
servers are bell-nexia in Ontario.  The DNS and other servers ( e.g. 
authentication servers ) at Aliant have had several, many hours long,  ( 
one over 6 hours )  outages over the last 12 months.  Their internet 
service is NOT telco grade.  Their residential terms of service used to 
have, and may still have, a prohibition against keep alives or such steps 
as checking for e-mail every 5 minutes to keep the connection up.  It is 
NOT an always there service.  It requires a login and reacquisition of IP 
after a time out period.  The IP is always changing as frequently as 
every 10 minutes on their old pre-PPPoE service.  Generally for the same 
bandwidth it is more expensive.

Executive conclusion: If there is an alternate provider, USE IT.

The above rant is based on installing configuring and fixing litterally 
dozens and dozens of connections with each provider.

Jim Haliburton


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