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Wed Apr 19 10:38:03 ADT 2006

On 4/19/06, Craig MacEachern <whiskey.fuelled at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks for all the help everyone, I've finally got all the distributions
> booting properly. Using "linux acpi=off" mode from the cd boot prompt is
> working, and everything is detected and it runs fine (Ubuntu and Fedora Core
> 5 I've tried so far).
> Funny story (and frustratingly stupid of me): After fiddling with BIOS
> settings, trying to free up IRQ by disabling the parallel port and ps/2 (My
> BIOS wouldn't let me manually configure IRQs, I also switched off the Plug
> and Play OS option), I found my problem was much much simplier. Simplier as
> in a typo. This whole time I believe I was typing "apci=off" instead of
> "acpi=off" (Which would account for the weird errors I would get using the
> typoed option)
> It was as simple as that. With ACPI off, the system boots fine in graphical
> mode and everything is detected. I did learn quite a bit from all this
> fooling around though!

This must be the week for typos.  There was a long thread on another
list where a widely used script was giving an error.   Turned out the
O.P. had tried to replace the environment variable with value it
should have held, but misread the documentation (probably on an old
faded monitor at low resolution, since it was an old machine).  The
script was trying to run the wrong program, but it didn't occur to
anyone to check that.   Guess I should revise my troubleshooting list:

1) check for typos
2) check the cables
3) ...

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