[nSLUG] Contract programming agencies?

Michael Crawford mdcrawford at gmail.com
Sun Apr 16 08:21:40 ADT 2006

Can anyone tell me what are good agencies to work for as a contract programmer?

I'm looking for work, but for the first time in eons, want to work
through an agency, mainly because the agencies generally absorb the
financial risk.  When I consulted on my own, I often had trouble
getting my clients to pay on time, sometimes at all.

Just now I did some searches at http://www.monster.ca/ and looked up
all the hiring companies that were agencies, went to their websites,
registered and submitted my resume.  However, there were few Atlantic
Canada agencies on Monster.  There must be some, arent't there?

Career Beacon (http://www.careerbeacon.com/) doesn't make it easy to
search for contract jobs.

I'm looking for a short-term, senior software engineering contact.  I
do C++, C, Assembly, Python, GUI and Embedded, on most platforms. 
Since I'm looking for short contracts (~3 months), I can work anywhere
in Canada.

My resume is at:


Note my new email address: mdcrawford at gmail dot com.  My old
crawford at goingware.com address is overwhelmed with spam.

Thanks for your help!

Mike Crawford

Michael David Crawford
mdcrawford at gmail.com

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