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rejean chamberland laudire2you at yahoo.ca
Wed Apr 5 23:39:21 ADT 2006

Diane Derrick <diane.derrick at ns.sympatico.ca> wrote:       I haven't posted in a while but every time I do I get good  help.  So here's the project.  I have and old pentium 200 with 256 MB  ram.  What I want to do is to get a small enough version of linux to boot  from a cf card.  The goal is to have NAS and if possible play MP3s and  movies from the hard drive.
 Some of the small distros I have looked at lead me to  believe that they access the hardware directly and will be able to overcome hdd  bois limitations.  Is this true for all, or most linux?  I have looked  a few different distros including freenas and ByzantineOS.  Basically I am  looking for suggestions.  The MP3 and movie thing may be too much for the  P200, and I would have to deal with the TVout thing to play movies on a big  screen, but I thought I'd try to make use of the old guy.  Any  thoughts?

 Hi Diana!
 Did you have a look at http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/ by any chance? 

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