[nSLUG] Introduction, Meeting? and Keane

Wayne wayne.renshaw at ns.sympatico.ca
Fri Aug 27 09:04:08 ADT 2004


I've been lurking for a while now, and I subscribed about the time that Mike Crawford

I too, like Mike Crawford, live in Truro - great place, not really an IT centre at this point
in time though!

I have an Engineering, IT and Comp Sci background, and managed Unix and Linux servers. I had
Slackware and Red Hat running here at home until about a year ago. I checked out the Sun
desktop system a few months ago, and although I was not overly impressed (especially due to it
failing to run X properly with a garden variety Intel video card), the concept of an OS with
everything installed and tested for the corporate environment (and then, why not home?) has to
enjoy some kind of success in the future.

I'll soon be getting a Linux box running here at home again, and I'm currently investigating

I love *nix, that's why I subscribed!

An occasional meeting would be a good thing - email has its limits.

Being a consultant at Keane sounds like the way to go - I don't know about being a full


Wayne Renshaw


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