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George N. White III aa056 at chebucto.ns.ca
Fri Aug 13 09:18:41 ADT 2004

On Thu, 12 Aug 2004, Michael D. Crawford wrote:

> Donald Teed wrote:
>> I tried elm years ago and didn't like it.
>> Pine works well for me as a text based emailer.

I used elm for a number of years until I moved to a new system 
(Ardent/Stardent/KPC Titan) where it crashed too often.  I used emacs in 
the Titan.  When we moved to Irix 6.5 emacs was crashing too often, so I 
switched to pine.

> Pine certainly looks nicer than elm, but is unpleasant to use if you have 
> more than 10,000 messages in your mailbox.
> Before a couple months ago, I used to get 30,000 emails a month, mostly 
> legitimate mailing list traffic.  For a couple weeks, I was getting assaulted 
> by some virus and was receiving 400 megabytes of email a day.
> My hosting service gets rid of the worst of the viruses now but many slip 
> through, so lately I'm receiving about 100,000 emails a month.

This is a pretty typical mail volume for anyone whose address can be found 
on lots of Win32 boxes (e.g., because you are active on email lists that 
are of interest to Win32 users).  If I turn of Chebucto's filtering the 
volume is unmanageable, but with their filters plus spamassassin and 
procmail I can eliminate most of the garbage that gets thru the filters
and organize incoming mail into multiple pine inboxes.

> My biggest problem with using elm is that important messages from clients 
> sometimes go unnoticed.
> There used to be a couple of really nice email clients commercially available 
> for the BeOS, but while I enjoyed using them, they both crashed if there got 
> to be more than a few thousand messages in a mailbox.

I've had a few crashes in pine4.61 when a news server stopped responding,
but it has handled over 10,000 messages in an inbox.  It is slow, but
in such cases I usually sort messages so I can quickly delete most of
them after selecting by numerical range.

George N. White III  <aa056 at chebucto.ns.ca>


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