[nSLUG] Re: Greetings, I just subscribed

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Fri Aug 13 02:17:55 ADT 2004

Dop wrote:

> Just try and make sure you're not pulling the mail from the remote server
> using plaintext - use pop3s, or worst case, pop3 over ssh.

Is there an RFC for "pop3s"?  Might one implement this with
roll-yr-own scripting? 

Michael D. Crawford wrote:

> ... so lately I'm receiving about 100,000 emails a month.

Well, if your first contact with your mail is via POP3 and you're
willing to ignore Dop's advice, a not-too-difficult Perl script could
run periodically (or manually), fetching just the headers (TOP n 0)
and sending a DELE for each mssg that can be determined to be spam or
otherwise unwanted from the headers alone.  E.g. doing DNSBL or personal
blacklist lookup on the most recent Received: line's IP address or
content filtering on the Subject: line.  Those mssgs would then never
make it as far as your own mail spool.

I get only a small fraction of your mail load (excepting a couple of
incidents of vacation(1) spews from misconfigured lists) but I started
doing this when my spam load hit 50% of messages.

But then, my password in clear only goes through my own ISP's machines,
not across random chunks of the net.

BTW, am I the only one who uses emacs RMAIL?  I've never tried to
handle more than a few hundred messages in a single RMAIL file but
I've never had a problem.  OTOH, while doing news in emacs (gnus) I
*have* coredumped emacs while trying to run scoring on a group with
25,000 messages available.  I have no idea whether that resulted from
a weakness in gnus particularly or in emacs generally.

- Mike

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