[nSLUG] Greetings, I just subscribed

Donald Teed dteed at artistic.ca
Thu Aug 12 23:15:49 ADT 2004

Kyle Kelly wrote:

> Welcome Michael.
> More than slightly offtopic:
> I myself and others don't like advertising on this list, but I can't 
> help but mention the company that hosts my email/webpage.  Maybe this 
> should eventually be its own thread, but why don't a few of us post 
> the best domain and webhosting companies we know.
> http://registerfly.com/
>    -  Best domain registrar I've come across.  $9.99 USD/year and it 
> lets you use their dns servers and has "advanced dns settings" ie you 
> can specify your own mx settings or subdomains etc.  Skip the rest of 
> what the registrar offers like their webhosting which isn't a good deal.
> http://www.fuitadnet.com/ or for the plan I purchase (the cheapest) 
> http://fuitadnet.com/bronze_plan.php
>    - $4.99 USD/month they'll even give you ssh access if you request 
> for free, I've used that to tar up my email and back it up a few 
> times.  Also it doesn't say it on the site, but you can also get imap 
> (I'm using it right now) and not just pop access.  If you're 
> interested you just definitely check out the cpanel demo at the bottom 
> of the page.

If you find something useful to share I don't consider that advertising.
At least as long as there is no repetition.
I've asked this list for tips on a good hosting provider myself.

If you find a $5 hosting provider, I'd consider it with some caution.

Once you have a site up, set your browser's default homepage to
your domain and see how often the site is really up throughout the
day and evening.  My experience with ultra cheap hosting
has seen providers who go down for hours whenever there
is maintenance needed, offer no insurance against downtime
and data loss, such as via backups and RAID,
and may have no clue when their disks fill up.
If you combine any of those failures with a lack of
a phone number, it can be very frustrating.

As for backing up email, you can fit quite a lot of it
on CDROM or even more on DVD.

--Donald Teed


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