[nSLUG] Greetings, I just subscribed

Kyle Kelly kyle at kylekelly.com
Thu Aug 12 21:11:26 ADT 2004

Michael D. Crawford wrote:

> Because my hosting service puts mail sent to any username 
> @goingware.com into the same spool file.  It easier for me to read it 
> directly from the hosting service while shelled into it than to 
> download that many messages and use a local client.
> I can get separate pop mailboxes but there's an extra charge for the 
> service.
Welcome Michael.

More than slightly offtopic:
I myself and others don't like advertising on this list, but I can't 
help but mention the company that hosts my email/webpage.  Maybe this 
should eventually be its own thread, but why don't a few of us post the 
best domain and webhosting companies we know.

    -  Best domain registrar I've come across.  $9.99 USD/year and it 
lets you use their dns servers and has "advanced dns settings" ie you 
can specify your own mx settings or subdomains etc.  Skip the rest of 
what the registrar offers like their webhosting which isn't a good deal.

http://www.fuitadnet.com/ or for the plan I purchase (the cheapest) 
    - $4.99 USD/month they'll even give you ssh access if you request 
for free, I've used that to tar up my email and back it up a few times.  
Also it doesn't say it on the site, but you can also get imap (I'm using 
it right now) and not just pop access.  If you're interested you just 
definitely check out the cpanel demo at the bottom of the page.


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