[nSLUG] Greetings, I just subscribed

Michael D. Crawford crawford at goingware.com
Thu Aug 12 19:21:42 ADT 2004

Dop Ganger wrote:

> Er. Silly question... why don't you have multiple accounts for email, if
> you have your own domain? 

Because my hosting service puts mail sent to any username @goingware.com 
into the same spool file.  It easier for me to read it directly from the 
hosting service while shelled into it than to download that many 
messages and use a local client.

I can get separate pop mailboxes but there's an extra charge for the 

> why not use procmail, or Maildir?

well, that's the plan, but I've never done anything the least bit 
sophisticated with mail spooling so I'm intimidated at the prospected of 
R'ing all The FMs.

I had a summer job back in college where I was supposed to customize a 
sendmail configuration file.  They had this system where macintoshes 
could print by emailing postscript files to a Unix box, and I had to 
maintain it.

Over the course of the summer I couldn't make any sense of how to 
configure sendmail, and as a result I accomplished nothing except 
costing the department my pay and tying up one of their macs all summer.

Since then I haven't wanted to touch anything to do with mail spooling, 
but my email situation has gotten way out of hand so now I have to learn.


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