[nSLUG] Greetings, I just subscribed

Dop Ganger nslug at fop.ns.ca
Thu Aug 12 19:11:39 ADT 2004

On Thu, 12 Aug 2004, Michael D. Crawford wrote:

> Donald Teed wrote:
> > I tried elm years ago and didn't like it.
> > Pine works well for me as a text based emailer.
> Pine certainly looks nicer than elm, but is unpleasant to use if you
> have more than 10,000 messages in your mailbox.

Er. Silly question... why don't you have multiple accounts for email, if
you have your own domain? eg, I have kernel at fop.ns.ca for lkml, nslug
for nslug mail, several personal accounts, and a webrequest account that I
use for dummy aliases for all the web signups. If that doesn't work for
you... why not use procmail, or Maildir?

Having 10K messages in a mailbox is just asking for corruption and
problems, to my mind. Although I have to say Pine with a 30 meg, ~8000
message mail spool (lkml) was quite usable on my PA-Risc machine,
which is a 100MHz CPU with 256 meg of memory...

Cheers... Dop.


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