[nSLUG] Greetings, I just subscribed

Michael D. Crawford crawford at goingware.com
Thu Aug 12 18:18:47 ADT 2004

Donald Teed wrote:

> I tried elm years ago and didn't like it.
> Pine works well for me as a text based emailer.

Pine certainly looks nicer than elm, but is unpleasant to use if you 
have more than 10,000 messages in your mailbox.

Before a couple months ago, I used to get 30,000 emails a month, mostly 
legitimate mailing list traffic.  For a couple weeks, I was getting 
assaulted by some virus and was receiving 400 megabytes of email a day.

My hosting service gets rid of the worst of the viruses now but many 
slip through, so lately I'm receiving about 100,000 emails a month.

My biggest problem with using elm is that important messages from 
clients sometimes go unnoticed.

There used to be a couple of really nice email clients commercially 
available for the BeOS, but while I enjoyed using them, they both 
crashed if there got to be more than a few thousand messages in a mailbox.

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