[nSLUG] Making sound universally available

Donald Teed dteed at artistic.ca
Tue Aug 3 07:47:14 ADT 2004

I've run into problems before with this, and I wonder how other
people deal with it.

Yesterday I checked Starcraft running within Wine and discovered
it could not read the CDROM.  Backing off to an earlier
version of Wine fixed that, but now sound wasn't working
unless I used the Arts sound driver of Wine configuration
(OSS and Alsa drivers also tried).  However, the real player
application would not run unless Arts sound server was off.
It didn't matter what version of real player (version 10 is out
now) was used.

I've run into stuff before (xmms maybe?) that was disabled
by use of Arts sound system within KDE.

How do other people deal with this - do you just toggle Arts on/off
within KDE depending on the application in use?  I'm in Gentoo
with the Wine/RealPlayer issue, but I've also seen something
like this happen in Slackware.

The hardware is nForce2 AC97 Audio (integrated in Asus A7N8X mobo)
if that matters.

--Donald Teed


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