[nSLUG] Re: Qry (1 of 2): Writing /proc/ide/ide1/hdd/settings?

Aaron Olson olson at cs.dal.ca
Sun Oct 26 14:29:32 AST 2003

> was hoping that the drive would succeed in reading the data when
> forced to "slow".  Didn't.  Still bumbling around trying to find a
> hack to recover as much as possible.  Call it a learning
> experience. :-)

When you used dd, did you try to copy the files themselves or the whole
CD? Try a

 dd if=/dev/hdx of=/tmp/cd-image

... or something to that effect. If you can get a copy of the CD (aside
from what's bad) and either view or burn it, you might have better luck.

Apologies if you'd already tried this and I missed it.  :)


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