[nSLUG] Offtopic Political SCO + RBC

cls cls at nitro.0wned.org
Fri Oct 24 00:40:13 ADT 2003

	Evening everyone,

	I realize this is slightly offtopic, it however in my opinion is
very important to all of us. According to
 RBC (Royal Bank Canada) has made the bad decision of dumping money into
SCO. I hope you will all join with me, should there be any Royal Bank
users out there, by calling RBC Customer Relations Centre and filing your
complaint aganist these actions.

   Customer Relations Centre
       RBC Financial Group
       P.O. Box 1, Royal Bank Plaza
       Toronto, Ontario M5J 2J5
       Telephone: 1-800-ROYALR 4-0 (1 800 769-2540)
       Service in French: 1-800-ROYALR 4-1 (1 800 769-2541)
       Fax: (416) 974-3561
       E-mail: custrel at rbc.com

	Also, see the Royal Bank's "Resolving Your Complaint" section on
their website found here: http://www.rbc.com/customercare/index.html

	I filed my complaint via telephone this morning (Thursday), and
have been told someone will be calling me back. Above the moral and
political wrongness of RBC supporting SCO, it is in my opinion a bad
investment to be pumping OUR (RBC customer) money into a failing company.

	According to the article, several people have already addressed
their concerns to the bank, so they will hear us. It is up to us,
nSLUGgers to make the voice of Nova Scotiac Linux users heard, please call
or email them :)

	Thanks for your time all, if anyone wishes to contact me directly
feel free to do so, I am considering starting a petition.

                            Matthew Alexander T Balcom
                                    cls at EFNet

               ipchains -A input -s FMALE -d HRT -p lve -j REJECT

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