[nSLUG] Re: C++ beginner references

Aaron Olson olson at cs.dal.ca
Mon Oct 20 16:22:21 ADT 2003

> As a disclamer: Im not a programmer.

I suppose this helps to explain your opinion; let me tell you why you are
wrong.  ;-)

It's true that many teaching styles can lock people into doing things only
one way. However, it is certainly possible to teach people how programs
worthk and give them the know-how to both program the "proper" way, and
unorthodox ways, if called for.

Not only that, but there is definitely a place for proper coding practice
in real life. Sure, if you're just dinking around with BASIC and making
games so you and your friends can laugh at them, that's fine. If you ever
take on something that has any scope beyond simple amusement, you'll find
that you can save yourself a lot of frustration later on if you learn
proper methodologies.

Note that these methodologies deal with *how* you produce code, and not
*what* code to produce, given a certain problem. Yes, there are good ways
of doing things and bad ways of doing things, and it helps to learn those.
For the most part however, once you get a general idea of things, you
learn how to avoid the serious pitfalls that happen more frequently when
you've picked up bad habits.


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