[nSLUG] Re: C++ beginner references

Rory rory at vudu.nb.ca
Mon Oct 20 14:09:03 ADT 2003

M Taylor wrote:

>If you want to be an excellent programmer, then G. White's suggestion of
>MIT's OpenCourseWare 6.001 "Structure and Interpretation of Computer 
>Programs" is worth your time. Programmers that understand what they are
>doing are worth far more than ones than can get a program to compile,
>and "it seems to work." That is my personal bias showing.
I'd have to second this "bias".   I've seen more time wasted and more 
potentially brilliant programmers lost because of poor instruction.  It 
can be difficult to un-learn bad habits that were all to easy to pick up 
in the first place.

It's wise to start out with a solid grounding in the theories and 
approaches to software development before worrying too much about 
specific languages.   Unless you're just looking for the quick-fix, that is.


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