[nSLUG] Timeshift video

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Sat Oct 18 01:33:35 ADT 2003

> > > I have a fairly simple timeshift problem. I want to be able to take a 
> > > live video feed (SVHS), digitize and store it, and begin to play it 
> > > back several minutes later (while the signal is still being recorded).
> > 
> >  You might want to check out MythTV (www.mythtv.org). I've got a dedicated
> > box that I pretty much watch all my TV/videos through now.
> > 
> But Freevo has major connections to Halifax, (and is therefore better).

 Yes, but according to their own web page they don't do timeshifting yet which
is what the original request was for :) And personally after having tried both, I prefer MythTV but YMMV.

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