[nSLUG] Recommended method to install Debian on software RAID?

Donald Teed dteed at artistic.ca
Mon Oct 13 21:12:57 ADT 2003

At 05:47 PM 13/10/2003 -0300, Steven R. Baker wrote:
>I hate to start a distro war, but I'm going to repeat what I tell
>*all* Gentoo users: If your machine is fast enough to compile
>everything from source, then you don't need to worry about the
>milliseconds to save by doing so.

The "benchmark" tests posted on the gentoo site show start up
times of some applications are halved compared to Mandrake 9.1

I know, and the person posting those marks knows that this
isn't a fair comparison, but it does indicate something about
the types of results that are hoped for.  I've been hearing from
people who say their P-120 screamed after installing Gentoo.
Perhaps the CS student on a budget is a big part of who is using it.

The other appealing thing to me is the ability to maintain the
system with a simple to use maintenance command.

Debian isn't bad in that area, but it has a little bit of a reputation for
being behind in their stable stuff.  It is always a balance, and of course
the trade off is stability and additional QA.

I have a bit of a distro disturbance going on in my head.  I've got to
wonder if my system will be available for doing work other than
compiling the usual barrage of updates.  If this were for a production
machine it wouldn't be practical for it to both run (compile)
the updates and offer live services.  It would take a second
machine to do all of the compiling and then provide the binary
results to the target machine.

I'm starting to think that gentoo will be popular with people who are
curious about Linux and the type of people who would probably
hot rod/mod their Hondas.  It is something you wouldn't mind
doing to your pet machine, but I can't picture it catching on much
in the land of company desktops and server rooms.

>No problem.  Use debootstrap.  I think debootstrap is included on
>KNOPPIX and GNOPPIX.  If the machine is already running debian,
>apt-get install debootstrap.  I'm pretty sure you can emerge
>debootstrap, as well.

OK, that will be my plan B if gentoo fails me one more time.
It has been making gnome for the last 5 hours, and so
far it is stable.

--Donald Teed

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