[nSLUG] dselect whoopness

Donald Teed dteed at artistic.ca
Mon Jun 16 15:01:47 ADT 2003

I run Debian on a sun sparc and it has a strange keyboard
compared to my daily habits.  I have run into a problem
periodically where I hit a couple of wrong keystrokes and mistakenly
hit a couple of enters (the machine is slow), which it takes as a commit
to make the selections.  If I quit and restart dselect the
unwanted selections are remembered.

Somehow the particular selections I have ready to jump on me are
to uninstall many packages I do not want uninstalled, and so on.
It would take a long time to manually go through them and fix it.

I'd like a way to get the selections reverted back to neutral
for everything already installed on the system.  There are
two commands that are said to act on "all", but neither of
them do the trick.  I guess I should have done the command X
to exit rather than Q, but it is too late for that trick now.

I see the /var/lib/dpkg folder where the available files are
and so on.  Is there something I can do there to reset the
way dselect runs?

--Donald Teed

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