[nSLUG] Strategic thinking in system administration and software design

Steven R. Baker srbaker at pobox.com
Sat Jun 14 09:45:32 ADT 2003

        Why, with software, do people insist that they need a square

Because people are lazy and stupid.

The lazy, stupid majority don't want flexibility, they want instant
gratification.  That's why people drive cars with automatic
transmissions, and the same reason why you can buy a Television with a
VCR or DVD player built into it.

When you drive a car with an automatic transmission, you sacrifice
control, power, increase your maintenance costs, etc, etc.  But any
idiot can drive a car with an automatic transmission.

When you buy a television with a vcr or dvd player attached you're
again sacrificing control, flexibility, and increasing your
maintenance costs.  You're also shortening the life of both devices.

It's not convenience, it's laziness.

I don't think there's a cure for laziness.



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