[nSLUG] .ca registrars

Oliver Baltzer racon at init.ca
Thu Jun 12 18:41:18 ADT 2003

Hi Peter,

On 12-Jun-2003 17:44 -0300, Peter Cordes was heard to say:
>  Thanks for the flood of informative replies, everyone!  I have a couple
> more questions...
>  BTW, the domain I want to register will just be for personal use, but I
> will probably use it for email, so service is somewhat important.  If
> eastlink changes my IP address, I need to get the NS record updated to point
> to my new IP.  (I want to run the DNS primary server on llama, my home
> computer which is currently my email server.  If it breaks, it might as well
> all break.  I'll probably someone up on one of the generous offers of a
> secondary DNS servers made by various people, though. :)

you can also specify a secondary mail exchanger (MX) for your domain which
will be used by the MTA if the one with the higher priority is not
reachable. Such a secondary MX can queue your mails until the primary MX
goes back online.

> On Wed, Jun 11, 2003 at 11:45:34PM -0300, Jamie Fifield wrote:
> > A few of us use domain.ca/coolcom.com and run our own domain servers.
> > Their basic service is just an entry in with CIRA, we do everything
> > else.  I think it's $30CDN/year.
> > 
> > As far as IPv6, I don't see why that would be a problem if you're
> > doing your own dns.
>  For DNS _over_ v6, not just DNS to resolve names to v6 addresses, you need
> some cooperation from the registrar, right?  You have to tell them the name
> of your name servers, and their v6 addresses, right?  (I'm not really
> familiar with v6 DNS...)  Donald also mentioned DNSsec, which also requires
> DNS server support.
>  Another thing I'd like to know is whether the registrars run the root and
> .ca servers that would need to support v6, or whether CIRA itself runs the
> .ca servers.  If CIRA runs it, then all a registrar would need to do to
> support v6 would be pass on v6 nameserver records to CIRA, and nobody could
> do DNS over v6 for .ca until CIRA got around to it.  (Do the .ca and root
> servers support DNS over v6?)

I do not think that it actually is possible to run IPv6-only SLD
nameservers underneath .c/n/o or .ca right now. Everything below that,
basically all your subdomains, can be served by IPv6-only nameservers
since the SLD nameservers can hand out the appropriate AAAA records. But
as long as the so called root-servers are not reachable via IPv6, an
IPv6-only infrastructure is not possible. However AFAIK also CIRA,
Internic or the Public Interest Registry do not support any IPv6
nameservers, so you will not find a registrar who allows you to register
AAAA addresses for your SLD nameservers.
>  I'd like my registration money to go towards helping the revolution, by
> supporting a registrar that's trying to encourage adoption of stuff like v6
> and DNSsec, and any other good things to do with DNS that I haven't thought
> of...

Most registrars do not run their own nameservers for your domain, if you
are not hosting with them. That means if you are not let them do your
eMail or let them provide you with webspace. Some providers do offer
DNS services only, but even there I have never seen one that supports
AAAA records. Mostly because the webinterface does not support it :-(

> > The thing with IPv6 is getting a routed IPv6 address.  Do any
> > residential ISPs have that yet?  (cause it'd be damn cool if they
> > did).  I suppose you could always tunnel it to one of those ipv6
> > gateways...
>  There are a couple Debian packages that claim to do everything needed to
> set up a tunnel and get an address, etc.

Freenet6, actually Canadian, is a provider for free 48 bit IPv6 prefixes
out of the 6bone network. They invented the Tunnel Setup Protocol which
makes it really easy to get a tunnel at home. The Debian package is
called freenet6 but you have to register an account with Freenet6.net
first (absolutely no trouble and no spam).


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