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Jamie Fifield jamie at fifield.ca
Thu Jun 12 10:21:21 ADT 2003

On Thu, Jun 12, 2003 at 09:51:22AM -0300, Oliver Baltzer wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> On 11-Jun-2003 23:31 -0300, Peter Cordes was heard to say:
> > I wouldn't mind running my own DNS server, so it's not a big thing if
> > they only let your control an NS record.  (that is what you usually
> > get, right?  Just an NS record?)
>   I have domains registered with http://www.domainsatcost.ca/ who are
> pretty cheap if it just comes to register a domain and point to a couple
> of nameservers. I pay 19.95$ a year, but they drop the price to 17.95$
> AFAIK a couple of weeks ago. Their web interface is pretty easy and
> actually the same interface other registrars are using too. 
>   I only had a support request once and it took them 3 days to answer,
> but considering the price, the amount of service you really require for
> your (maybe non-commercial/personal) domain and the fact that you are
> not changing your nameservers every day, 3 days are an acceptable time.

For an extra $20 over two years, I'll register with someone who will
respond to my requests within the time it takes for email to timeout
and bounce. :)

But our domains are our personal email domains, so maybe I take them
more seriously than if it was just a vanity webpage or IRC client

> >  Also, what about IPv6?  If I'm going to have control of a domain name, I
> > want to be able to map names to v6 addresses too.  Some people have them
> > now, so there must be registrars that have their act together...
>   I get a 48 bit prefix from freenet6.net through a tunnel and name
> resultion as well as reverse resolution for IPv6 addresses works fine. I
> am running three nameservers, one at home and two in an external network
> where I have appropriate access to the machines. However, if you are
> going to use AAAA records, you might get trouble with the free DNS
> hosters, even in slave mode. You can try it, but I always had bad
> experiences with free nameservers (incl. granitecanyon.com and
> everydns.net). Since all my nameservers are also reachable through
> native IPv6, I can offer you to use them as slave nameservers.
> Regards,
> Oliver
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