[nSLUG] Mail Server Anti-Virus (Exim)

Steven R. Baker srbaker at pobox.com
Mon Jun 9 13:59:36 ADT 2003

> <Pet peeve>
> Why on earth don't the big ISP's (Eastlink, Aliant, etc) do this
> automatically and for free?  It's not just good customer service, it
> actually reduces the traffic and load on the mail server.  When it is so
> easy and free to block all this crap, I think it is almost criminally
> negligent for ISP's to help spread it.  If I had a buck for every virus
> that our system blocks that passed through Eastlink's mail servers, well,
> I wouldn't be rich but I could afford a much nicer computer!
> </peeve>

Yes, it's free, yes it's easy.

They can't because spam filters aren't 100%, and people will complain
when their email becomes unreliable.

And no, it doesn't reduce traffic on the mail server.  The same number
of messages get to the mail server on the way in, just fewer go out.
It's the incoming traffic that an ISP has to worry about, because
that's the expensive one.  The outgoing (to the client) traffic is
essentially free, because they have so much more than they need.



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