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DSL may seem like a bit of a hack from some perspectives, but it's a fairly
well engineered solution for getting bandwidth to residences without
re-cabling the world.   There's really nothing wrong with pushing 2 - 6 GB
of traffic through a copper pair, but it is more sensitive to error,
misconfiguration and other human error than the basic phone service.   This
is where problems arise for customers who are close to the distance limit.

As for the problems people have had with PPPoE on Linux, it was mostly with
RH 7.2.   The PPPoE config and tools were broken.  This has been fixed with
7.3 and newer RH's.   I've never had the chance to use Debian on PPPoE so
I'll let others relay any experiences.


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> On Wed, Jun 04, 2003 at 10:01:59PM -0300, Mark Lewis wrote:
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> > " Rates in the High-Speed Internet environment can vary up to 1.5 Mbs
downstream (to the subscriber), and up to 0.640 Mbs upstream (from the
subscriber).  "
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> > Is this what the end user really gets approximately or vastly lower?
> DSL is a hack, it works upon being able to use out-of-spec charactertics
> of cooper phone lines, that works only on short, unloaded cooper lines.
> I have heard of many frustrated customers that are near the recommended
> distance limit (3km?), the problem is not so much speed but the connection
> staying up. That leads to frustrated customers, and technicians who cannot
> change the laws of physics. I don't know of any users who have their
> line staying up and not being satified with their transfer speeds, well,
> other than more is always better. :-)
> Remember that the distance is of cable length, not as the crow flys.
> I'll let someone else give you more geeky details.
> > And how does this dsl service work with linux, hard to setup, or easy?
seen a few back posts that they use PPPoE.
> The majority of that was a broken package included with a redhat version
> (7.2 maybe?). The RPM from http://www.roaringpenguin.com/pppoe/ does work.
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