[nSLUG] tar of fat32 windows xp partition?

Donald Teed dteed at artistic.ca
Tue Jul 29 15:56:30 ADT 2003

I've heard that there are bugs in tar that prevent it
from making a reliable full backup archiver for Linux.  How does it
fare in FAT32 land?  I'd think there would be very little
that is difficult in this case since there are no strange
device node numbers and such as with Linux file system.

I know 'dd' will do the job very well, but when you have a large
single partition, even zeroed out in the blank sections, it still
takes time to write those zeros and that is my current bottleneck.
I'd like to have a solution that beats the pants off the DOS
based disk imagers, and I suspect it is possible since they
can't implement DMA and 32 bit access and those goodies.

I don't think I'll need any hints on the scripting end, but I'd
like to hear about any "gotchas" with the strategy of tarring up
a full FAT32 partition and restoring same to same sized target
partition.  The sort of thing I wouldn't catch by simply booting
up the Windows machine afterward is what I'm afraid of.

--Donald Teed

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