[nSLUG] Re Hard drives

Steven R. Baker srbaker at pobox.com
Sun Jul 27 11:27:10 ADT 2003


Everything in your email, I totally agree with, and your experiences
match mine quite well.

Just thought, I'd comment, though.

        I have not found Samsung, Fujitsu or other drives to be
        products I have enough confidence in to use.  YMMV

Fujitsu produced some terrible drives that die without warning in the
MPG series.  (Google for Fujitsu MPG, and read).

They are replacing these drives under warranty, but are apparently
quite slow about it.

The drives die due to a known defective chip on the controller board.

I am currently working on this for a client who has no less than 15
machines, and each machine has at least one of these drives.  I hope
Fujitsu replaces these as well as I've heard.



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