[nSLUG] WiFi stuff -- who ships to .ca?

Soren Aalto soren at aalto.tv
Sat Jul 26 16:45:26 ADT 2003

I had the brilliant idea or ordering a Netgear 4 port WiFi hub (MR814)
and a MA401 card for my wife's laptop for doing a home network
setup (Mandrake box, 2 ethernet cards, eastlink cable, yadda yadda).

The price of these items seems to drop almost hourly at amazon.com.

*But*, I discover that amazon.com doesn't ship electronics to .ca,
amazon.ca doesn't carry computer stuff...and a lot of other places
I found on reviews.cnet.com don't ship to Canada either.

Any recommendations on which e-tailers *will* ship to the republic
of Antigonish, who has good prices/is trustworthy/etc, etc?
(I did a google:netgear MR814 price site:ca, but this only tells me
which Canadian sites have pricing -- surely some US sites will ship
over the border?  Pricing I've seen is about US$55, but CDN$99,
maybe shipping costs would equalise that...)

(I suppose, however, this is all an improvement over worrying who
would ship to Zululand, South Africa, which was my bigger
concern until just recently).



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