[nSLUG] Re Hard drives

Jim Haliburton jim.haliburton at ns.sympatico.ca
Sat Jul 26 07:59:57 ADT 2003

There was some recent discussion regarding hard disks.  Last fall, about 1 
October most drive manufacturers changed their warranty to 1 year for IDE 
drives.  Apparently some of this may have arisen from a suit filed against 
IBM about their hard drives.

Since that time Westren Digital has introduced a higher priced drive with 
a 3 year warranty.  This drive has 8mb of cache as its' distinguishing 
characteristic.  I suspect the motors, platters etc are very similar but 
they are counting on the cache to reduce the drive activity and thus 
extend the component life.

The WD Data Lifeguard Tools particularly the version prior to ver 10 are a 
good self booting diagnostic tool.

WD and Maxtor both have Canadian return / exchange centers.  In fact the 
same company in Ontario does both companies drives.  WD even offfers 
express exchange if you give them a credit card.  They will pre-ship the 
replacement drive and credit your card when the RMA drive comes back.

Drives do change.  WD had a problem with 2 and 4 gb drives.  ( Yes they 
did come in capacities this small ;-))

Both Maxtor and WD have been very good and quick to replace any drives I 
have had fail in warranty.  As only WD appears to have a 3 year warranty 
drive in IDE, all replacement drives or upgrade drives I buy are WD.  I 
choose Seagate 10k RPM SCSI drives for my servers.  Keep them well cooled 
and they run for years and years.

I have not found Samsung, Fujitsu or other drives to be products I have 
enough confidence in to use.  YMMV


Jim Haliburton

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