[nSLUG] damn ram

kwhittin at Fizz.Phys.Dal.Ca kwhittin at Fizz.Phys.Dal.Ca
Thu Jul 24 16:24:52 ADT 2003

  Hi there,

          I was wondering if anyone could help with a small memory 
allocation problem I seem to be having with a 2 Ghz, 1 Gb RAM 120 Gb drive 
linux tower (redhat 9.0).  Many of my simple applications have been 
crashing frequently.  When I invoke the free command, it outputs that I 
have (at the moment) 63 Mb free...which sounds a little sketchy since 
nothing is running in the background.  However, when I open gkrellm, I'm 
told that about 800 Mb are free.  Who to believe?  Could this be the 
result of faulty RAM??


Kevin Whittingstall
MSc, PhD Candidate
Dept. of Physics
Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia
e-mail:kwhittin at dal.ca

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