[nSLUG] Re: nSLUG digest, Vol 1 #424 - 8 msgs

Michelle and George mandgcross at eastlink.ca
Wed Jul 16 07:23:08 ADT 2003

Thanks for the help and advice on setting up NAT. The router option is
not really there at the moment (read BROKE, full stop) and her course is
only for another two weeks. You've given me a good place to start, and a
new respect for the Linux community - talk about fast responses!
Our Redhat box is our main system, and we use it for everything from
websurfing and word processing to gaming. This has been the first time
I've had to yell for help. I have the nics configured just as you
suggested (192 private ip on eth1 and on winxp's nic) so the rest will
be trial and error, I suppose. For now, I have spoofed the mac addy on
the winxp laptops nic, but this is NOT sharing :-P.

Again, thanks!

George and Michelle
Wolfville, NS

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