[nSLUG] Off topic sort of: Question about jobs in NS.

Chris chris at twistedself.com
Thu Jul 10 12:31:54 ADT 2003

Yes, I am.  I have been on and off VLUG for a few years now.

As for jobs, I am just looking for a decent job, not necessarily a cool
one. :)  I will work into a cool one eventually.

I have been checking jobpress.com, the local and federal gov't sites as
well as individual employers places.  About dozen or so applications out
there already.  I want to line up some interviews for when I am in NS in
the end of August.

> Aren't you a VLUG guy?
> Oh, on jobs, cool IT jobs in Halifax are few and far between.  When I
> was looking, I saw lots of demand for VB, .Net, and other Microsoftish
> devel positions, which sucks.
> -Steven
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