[nSLUG] The joy (or lack thereof) of RedHat

Normand Trudel normand.trudel at expresso.qc.ca
Fri Jul 4 11:27:45 ADT 2003


May be is RH the problem ! Two years ago I built a firewall with RH7 on
IBM server, I weasted 2 day with rpm,  same problom like you.   I try with
Suse and toke me only 2 hours. I learned the diffrence with RH and Suse.

Also, I was on a confrerence with IBM server they are 100% compatible with
RH bur a few linux specialist told me Suse was 110% better.

I know this wit h fix your issues, but we must be carefull with all linux
distibution.  I work with both and sometime a check Debian and Mandrake


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